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Breath of Fresh Air - Hector Morlet

Tomorrow, Perth-based bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Hector Morlet will be releasing his debut EP ‘Music For Squares’, a groovy retro-laced portrait of his growth as an artist.

Hector Morlet’s sound is one of a kind, and a breath of fresh air. Finding influences in defunct local bands like Demon Days, to musical maestro Unknown Mortal Orchestra and rising songstress Faye Webster - Hector has been showcasing his malleable sound across his vibrant singles, from the explosive debut ‘Picture Frame’, to the more recent ‘Party…ahaha’ and ‘Precious Dragonfly’.

On his debut EP ‘Music For Squares’ he finds a perfect balance between his smoothly jarring musical arrangements and unique storytelling - expertly sharing his feelings of repetition in love, betrayal, family, friendship, and the fragility of a relationship. It is an exciting debut project that encapsulates Hector’s progression as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists.

What does your family think of your music?

I think they like it… They’re very nice about it, I don’t know if they really like it, you know what I mean? They’re very congratulatory when I get played on the radio which is nice. When I first got a play on Triple J they were like, this is amazing. My dad likes all sorts of music so I guess he finds it all interesting, the production and all that. At one point my mum was like ‘why do you have to sing so high?’ and I didn't know how to respond! My brothers come to gigs sometimes.

You’ve been making music for a while now - any noticeable ways that you’ve evolved from the start of that until now?

I’m constantly learning, just trying to pick up new skills. I’d sum it up in two ways - learning about music as a whole and like getting down to the nuts and bolts of it really helps. I’d say that’s the depth of music, what really makes a cool progression, how to trigger certain kinds of emotions, what are the different rhythms and melodies. Then there’s also the breadth, listening to more and more musicians, broadening my horizons and finding appreciation for music. I think the biggest part of that which helps is training your ear, I don’t know if that sounds pretentious, but just becoming aware of cliches and patterns in general all across music. All the different dimensions you can traverse and all the options you have. Being able to break patterns, or push them forward and accept them in a really big way.

You’re gearing up to release your debut EP 'Music For Squares', how are you feeling about that?

Yeah good, I’m pretty keen to get it out the door, I’ve been looking at it for a while on my computer and thinking about it and I think it’s done. I don’t wanna over bake whatever it is. I’m super keen for other people to hear it.

Do you have any memorable moments of inspiration, any that you didn’t expect to be inspired by?

I’ve been playing heaps of guitar and trying to learn how to play it, so that is something unexpected for me. It’s quite an inspiring instrument. Also artists like Faye Webster, she was really out of the blue for me. She’s like country-esque in part, which has been a great kind of bridge for me.

How are you feeling about 2022 as a whole?

In terms of music, I’m keen on trying new things out. I’m working on some new stuff which is pretty exciting to me. I’m really keen to play more live shows as well.

Check out the latest single from Hector Morlet, 'Precious Dragonfly' below, and keep an eye out for his debut EP 'Music For Squares' out tomorrow!


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