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Get To Know: Eluera

Infectious and honest, Eluera’s music has really found a special place of its own. Self-described as ‘cool but sad’, her beautiful vocals and journal-like songwriting elegantly dance among a soundscape full of emotion, heartbreak and ambition. Eluera is a name you'll want to get familiar with.

Photography by Connor O'Connor

Written by Oli Spencer

Her latest single is the infectiously breezy ‘Madeline’, which explores the feeling of having insecurities in a relationship, creating scenarios in your head and projecting those feelings onto someone who didn’t exactly deserve it.

Steadily building a name for herself since 2017, ‘Madeline’ is an impressive follow up to her previous singles ‘Petty’ and ‘GUTS’, as well as the soulful bop ‘Moderation’ which got multiple nods from Sir Elton John himself - who spun it repeatedly on his Rocket Hour podcast. That absolute ‘pinch me’ moment is just another reminder of why Eluera is one of the most exciting emerging artists coming out of Australia right now.


How did the name Eluera come about?

I had gone through a few artist names before finding Eluera, I started as Luca cause my last name is de Luca, then Eluca then I finally settled on Eluera. There’s no meaning or anything. I just came up with it with friends!

If you could revive one fashion trend, which would it be?

70's jumpsuits.

Have you found a perfect writing spot?

I start writing my best songs in my bed with my guitar, usually late at night. So my bed is definitely the best writing spot for me.

We love 'Madeline', what inspired that song?

I was feeling super insecure in a relationship I was in and had an inkling that my partner may have had an interest in a girl who was just the embodiment of everything I was insecure about. I would make up these stories in my head about them ending up together and drive myself crazy, but I genuinely thought they would make a great couple and she is amazing, which made it so much worse haha.

Best memory from the 'Madeline' music video shoot?

The whole day was so fun. Madeline was played by one of my best friends Jennie, and Connor the director has since become one of my closest friends as well so we were just laughing and having the best time all day. It was the most relaxed shoot I've been on, and the whole team was amazing so the whole day is a great memory for me!

How did it feel to hear your song on Elton John’s Rocket Hour show?

It felt so surreal. Hearing my name come out of Elton John’s mouth just did not even feel real, I don't think I could fully comprehend it! Definitely one of my best memories during my music career.

One instrument you wish you could play?

Bass! It's one of my goals to start learning, I just think anyone who plays bass is so cool.

What’s your favourite lyric you’ve ever written?

“Wanna crash this car just to see you, wanna look through your phone like its see-through, probably find that you’re seeing somebody new. Bury it to just stay close to you”

What's inspiring you outside of music right now?

Turning my bedroom into a greenhouse and buying more plant children.

What record helped during lockdown?

I finally dove into all of Phoebe Bridgers music in lockdown and have been a huge fan ever since. Especially ‘I Know The End’ and ‘Chinese Satellite’.

One song you wish you wrote?

'Erase Me' by Lizzie Mcalpine, sooooo insane.

Do you have a prized possession?

My late nan’s signet ring she gave me when I was younger. I never take it off but I lost it once and was distraught. Then I found it right before I played a festival in the strangest spot in the cupboard sitting perfectly on a towel. I like to think she sent it back to me!

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from you next?

A few more singles this year, starting a girl band and I have also been writing so much for an EP that's in the works.

Have a listen to Eluera's latest single 'Madeline' below


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