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Get to Know - ioakim

Right in time for summer, Sydney-based producer and songwriter ioakim has shared his latest euphoric single ‘swimming pools’.

Finding the perfect marriage between summer-fueled indie and the breezy elements of 80’s pop, ioakim creates a sun-kissed single perfectly capturing the nostalgia of summers spent chasing love and sitting by the poolside. Gearing up to have his sun-soaked tunes on repeat all summer long, we thought it would be a good time to get acquainted with ioakim.

Give us a bit of an introduction!

Hello! I’m ioakim (eye - owe - kem) I’m 24, enjoy a latte or 7 and make music in my bedroom. I love anything creative, from graphic to fashion design (the day job) to shooting videos!

What is your perfect summer like?

My perfect summer is everything our summer currently isn’t haha ( La Niña ). Nah it’s ok. I love spending long summer arvo / nights surfing and sinking some beverages on the beach (this sounds like dating bio now haha) but basically loud music, friends, the beach, throw in a road trip or two and we’re on.

What inspired ‘swimming pools’?

‘swimming pools’ was written and recorded last year. It was sort of my own way to look forward to summer after spending so much time locked up inside. I really wanted to encapsulate that feeling of driving into an endless summer with your head out the window!

What is the first memory that ‘swimming pools’ reminds you of?

The first memory ‘swimming pools’ reminds me of is probably that first summer after you finished school. That kind of feeling where you look at all your friends, all have no clue what you’re doing but have a whole summer ahead to do whatever you want!

Has Sydeny influenced your sound?

I think separating myself from Sydney has probably influenced my sound more. I’ve been travelling to Sydney most days for work over the last few years but I still prefer to live further away down the coast. It’s super cruisy and it kind of feels like there is lots less to get caught up in down here. I think it gives me more freedom to just be me and make whatever I’m feeling which is cool.

What can we expect next?

Next up is a couple more singles which definitely opens up more into a slightly crunchier guitar sound, more synths and overall just music I’m really stoked to be putting out. I’ve been pretty busy working on the aesthetic side of the music for next year which I can’t wait to see come to life.

Who are you listening to right now?

As I’m writing this, I CANNOT get Phoebe Bridgers’ second verse on MUNA’s 'Silk Chiffon' off repeat. It’s been the only thing I’ve been listening to for the past week, it’s insane. EKKSTACY and BAYNK have also been on high rotation!

What will you be doing over the summer?

Over summer I want to spend heaps more time outside, catching up with friends, surfing, sitting at cafes all morning and overall just trying to get off my phone a little more. Next year is looking to be pretty busy already so I’m definitely keen to take some time enjoy summer

Have a listen to ioakim's latest single 'swimming pools' below:

Words by Oli Spencer

Photography by Oli Spencer


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