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NZ Music Month - SACHI

It's New Zealand Music Month, and to celebrate we have some curated playlists coming your way from some of Aotearoa's finest musical talent. Kicking things off, we have SACHI, have a listen below!

Shapeshifter - 'Monarch'

We remember this song playing on George FM back in the day when we first got our licenses. Fond memories of driving around Auckland with this song blasting on a nice day with friends.

SACHI - 'Take Me Back'

We first played this song at Rhythm & Vines main stage, it was an amazing way to debut it.

Matthew Young - 'Like Falling'

Matthew Young is one of our favourite NZ artists and close friend. This song just makes me feel like I’m 16 again. Great vibe.

Muroki - 'Wavy'

Since we heard this song the first time, it was stuck in our heads. Muroki is a legend too.

RIIKI REID - 'Meet U Again'

Love the vibe of this song. The lead in the post chorus is so amazing.

SACHI - 'Lift Off'
(ft. Carla Wehbe)

One of our favourite tracks from the last EP, super fun one to play live. Carla was amazing to work with.

Goodwill - 'Get Angry'

A good song by our good friend Goodwill. Somehow simultaneously macabre and dulcet. Every lyric in this song feels perfectly crafted like one of those wooden-model-boat-in-a-glass-bottle hobbyists.

Belladonna - 'Love Like This'

Belladonna is a Wellington artist I recently found in some corner of the internet. Her voice instantly captivated me, everything about it is so in its own world.

Marlon Williams - 'My Boy'

The beautiful new one from the Prince of Lyttleton. He can’t miss. Drums from Piha’s finest Elroy Finn.

Eden Burns - 'Super Stroke'

The latest from Eden Burns, dear friend, collaborator and one my favourite DJs. His music is like a fine wine or cheese, just keeps getting

better with age.

Crowded House - 'To The Island'

(Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)

New Crowded House remixed by UMO. What more is there to say.

Leaping Tiger - 'Gooey'

Leaping Tiger just put out a really incredible video for this song directed by him and Oscar Keys which painted the song in a whole new light for me. Gooey is interesting, ethereal, nasty, quirky.

Check out SACHI's NZ Music Month playlist on Spotify below!


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