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It's New Zealand Music Month, and to celebrate we have some curated playlists coming your way from some of Aotearoa's finest musical talent. Next up, we have the powerhouse songstress HINA, have a listen to her smoooth playlist below!

Te Kaahu - 'Te Kaahu O Rangi'

What better way to start my playlist than with the opening karanga from my dear friend Em’s reo Māori project, TE KAAHU.

TEEKS - 'Here Before'

Possibly my favourite track yet from TEEKS. This track transports me.

HINA, BEXY - 'Made This Way'

This track brings back such fond memories of our writing week in Palmerston North, recording vocals watching the sunset at the beach in the back of Mikey’s car. One of my favourite songs I’ve (co-)written!

Reb Fountain - 'Don't You Know Who I am'

Literally gives me chills. Even after listening for at least the 100th time.

Marlon Williams - 'Can I Call You'

Obsessed. This song makes me feel less alone with my neuroticism.

HINA - 'Libertine'

Probably the easiest song of mine to play live! And my first ever release, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Bailey Wiley - 'Zaddy'

Along with the next two tracks, this was part of the soundtrack to many a cruisey afternoon when I was living in Wellington.

Eno x Dirty - 'Seki'

Hits right every time. One of my go to tracks for mainies.

Louis Baker - 'Addict'

The first time I heard this it was instant stank face. Still catch myself doing it if I’m on a vibe.

alayna - 'Tender'

A beautiful song from two beautiful people. Alayna is a real poet and storyteller with such a knack for melodies, and Noema is a master at bringing any production idea to life. Flawless.

Check out HINA'S NZ Music Month playlist on Spotify below!


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