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Planet Giza - Drenched in Funk

Meet Planet Giza – the multifaceted trio based out of Montreal. Made up of Tony Stone, Rami B & DoomX, the three production virtuosos humbly put their expertise into the spotlight on their latest EP ‘Don’t Throw Rocks at the Moon’.

“I don’t think people have seen a dynamic group of three beat-makers coming together as one artist... that sets us aside from the rest.”

While compact at only 14 minutes, the EP showcases how the trio effortlessly blend the complex with the simple. Each track has layers of complicated production, all while Tony Stone’s silky smooth voice glides over each beat. It is clear that this project has been ultimately influenced by the groups love for all things music, blending funk, hip-hop, techno and “anything we think sounds dope” all into one. “I think what really puts us aside from everyone else is the variety of inspirations – with that we can really make any type of music that we want, any genre. You can’t place a specific genre on us. That’s one of the elements that help us stick out. All three of us have different influences, and for some reason when we work together it all mashes so well.” Says Tony. Lyrically, the new EP explores everything under the sun, “It addresses multiple themes, it talks about regrets, ambition, the feeling of being lost – it really covers a lot of ground. It’s a really solid project.” The EP was carefully constructed over a six day period during the Covid-19 quarantine. “We made the beats in three days, and then we recorded the vocals the three days after that.” says Doom


It all started in 2009 when Tony and Rami met playing on the same basketball team together. Rami and Tony would meet again in 2012 in summer school, where Rami began showing Tony how to produce beats. In the same year, Tony met Doom through a friend of his, who also happened to be producing beats. “We started making beats together, then one day I was like “Rami is over here making beats, Doom is over there making beats… let’s all just meet up and cook something up at my house.” So we did that, and the final product was really, really fire. We thought we might as well keep it going. The chemistry was there. It would have been around 2013-2014 when we created Planet Giza.”

Since their forming, the group have been steadily releasing a handful of projects on Soundcloud, followed in 2019 by their debut album ‘Added Sugar’ which put them on the radar of emerging artists coming out of Montreal. With co-signs such as fellow production friend KAYTRANADA and Goldlink – the group are stepping into a brighter spotlight than ever before, and will only continue to effortlessly waltz through to a new era of hip-hop music.

Have a listen to Planet Giza's 'Don’t Throw Rocks at the Moon' on Spotify below:

Words by Oli Spencer

Photography by Oli Spencer, shot over FaceTime.


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