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Poolside with ALX

We sat poolside with ALX – pop’s new unfiltered misfit and the rowdy younger brother of Dominic Fike.

Hailing from Florida, ALX doesn’t care much for the rules, bringing an exhilarating new take on pop music to the table. He shines on his new EP ‘YES’ - an energetic and raunchy project which ALX best describes as "Horny Pop".

The title could not be more apt, perfectly reflecting his yes-man outlook on life, as he bends and breaks the rules to ultimately shake up the stale pop mold, not taking no for an answer. From the punchy, body-rockin' ‘Out Of The Blue’ to the sweet harmonious ‘Hungover’, the 6-track project is like the refreshing sip of an anti-pop cocktail. Oozing in the essence of early 2000’s glossy pop, perfectly mixed with his wild and unfiltered energy.

Before jumping into the pool to retrieve his fallen airpod, we sat poolside with ALX to have a chat about ‘YES’, his relationship with his brother, and what curse word his EP would be...

Hey man, how are you?

I’m good dude! What’s up? What time is it there?

Nothing at all really, its first thing in the morning here, technically tomorrow for you...

Oh for real? Woah shit! I forget sometimes how far away some places are. That's dope.

What sort of music did you grow up around?

My mom played a lot of Mariah Carey, Bieber, Gaga and Usher - all the god pop music. INSYNC, I love those boys man. I’m a horny guy, I’m into that stuff. Jack Johnson too

Was there a moment that sparked the interest in music for you?

My brother and I made songs on my mums iPad, it was fun just building and making stupid ass songs, if those songs were to ever be heard, I’d be canceled immediately... but they were good times. It was probably that moment though, when mum got the iPad I snatched it! I would have been 12 or something, just messing around. I got more serious about recording music after high school.

Tell me about your relationship with your brother!

He’s my guy man! He’s a fuckin’ super star! He is my muse, my flame. I have his plaques right there for inspiration baby! Right outside the studio. I tell everyone I wrote all of those, that’s our relationship really... I write all his stuff... he gets all the spotlight, but now It’s my time to shine! I’m here baby! But nah for real though he’s my homie and my bestie.

Is there ever any healthy competitiveness?

For sure! I think it’s more one sided... I'm the only one competing at this point! I wish I could play guitar like him. I’m not going to say I'm the trendsetter or anything... but I started singing first!

Your new EP was a super fun project!

Thank you, man! Those songs are fun, and we have even better ones coming.

I can’t wait. If the EP was a texture, what would it be?

Hmm... let’s see, I took woodshop so you know I’m all about that. The EP has got some grit to it, but its real smooth at the same time... so I’d have to say a micro-fibre cleaning cloth... that’s what I would go with, its micro-fibre bro.

What flavour would it be?

I almost said bubblegum, oh wait I did... shit. Not bubblegum. I’d say Capri Sun probably!

What animal?

Damn... uhhh a man-bear-pig... Or what’s that eagle creature with the body of a lion?

Like a griffin?

A griffin! My guy, that’s what it is, it’s a griffin.

What curse word would it be?

Oh dang, hell yeah... let’s think, there are so many to pick from. I’d say Ass!

What kind of space were you in when you made the EP?

I was pretty anxious honestly; I was about to have a kid... it was a high stress time for sure. That sounds terrible, but I was so stressed.

Did fatherhood change your relationship with music?

Yeah... no... not really man, I kind of just do the same thing I was already doing but now I have a little monster. I’m having a good time.

There just happens to be a little version of you running around...

Carbon copy dude! He’s chill like his daddy.

Did making the EP teach you anything about yourself as an artist?

It taught me I could make shit on my own! Before I was working with an engineer and everything, but now I just make it right here. I can scream as loud as I like, and it’s so freeing.

Is that where your unfiltered energy comes from?

Oh yeah for sure, it’s that and also being alone. It’s hard to do in front of people, or in the vicinity of people. Pretty much the only people who ever hear me screaming in here is my mum and my girlfriend. I don’t really care, they’ve heard worse from me...

Listen to ALX's latest EP 'YES' on Spotify below:

Words by Oli Spencer


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