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Song Association with: EKKSTACY

The last time we interviewed the burgeoning star EKKSTACY, he had just gained major traction on his 2021 single 'i walk this earth all by myself' and had just released his very first project 'NEGATIVE' - hiding behind the blood red dreads covering his face as we spoke over zoom. Flash forward to now, and the ever more malleable sound of EKKSTACY is soaring with the release of his highly anticipated self-titled album, the follow up to his fiery debut album 'misery'.

On the record, he continues to explore his fluid blend between punk rock and sound cloud rap, this time around boasting a feature from Trippie Redd on the reflective 'problems', and a special appearance from The Kid LAROI on 'alright', a hazy indie rock track that teleports you into the mosh pit of a dimly lit underground bar. As well as these, songs like the grungy almost self-loathing 'goo lagoon', and the dynamically dreamy yet crushing soundscapes of 'the headless horseman lost his way' show him walking a fine line between chaos and order. His self-titled album makes it all too easy to become completely lost and engrossed in the world of EKKSTACY.

Stopping by in Aotearoa, we were fortunate enough to sit down with EKKSTACY for a game of song association. From the folky warmth of Bon Iver to the dreamy nostalgia-infused sounds of Alvvays - we find out the rising star's desert island song, deep cuts from the very start, and the song he would play while escaping a bank robbery.

It'd have to be Skate 3.

Oh god there's a fucking million songs I wish I had in high school. Let's do this one, it just sounds fucking insane. It's nuts.

Dude, this one for sure. I could play that song a trillion times, it's the only one I play on the acoustic guitar.

I hope they see this, they're the best.

This could go in a lot of ways... I would have said 'Morning Sun', but I've already said that. It's the most relaxed song you'll ever hear.

Oh definitely this. I've covered 'Hope' by them before.

Oh dude that's such a good question. It's by sign crushes motorist, do you know them? It's my new Vancouver song, I had this on repeat when I was last there.

I mean, what did I play last time I robbed a bank...? Dude, I've never thought about robbing a bank too deeply. I'd probably go with something relaxed, maybe some Chet Baker.

Oh damn, there's a few. From the very start, it would be New Flesh by Current Joys. That's the biggest one. I'd also say Romeo's Distress by Christian Death. When I first heard them I was just like oh fuck, I need to make something like this.

Check out our EKKSTACY song association playlist below:


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