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Song Association with Wallows

We caught up with issue 3 cover stars Wallows to play a game of song association. From Frank Ocean to ABBA, we find out the band's desert island songs, the deep cuts that take them back to Battle of the Bands, and the songs they wish they had when they were sixteen!

If your life was a movie, what song would play in the title sequence?

Cole: Woah…

Dylan: This is what’s coming to mind right now.

Cole: I’m so curious as to what you’re writing.

Cole: Oh Nikes! That’s crazy

Dylan: I’m imagining it playing over a montage.

Braeden: Uhhh… I think maybe this song.

Cole: Love it, here’s mine

Dylan: How about Just Like a Movie by Wallows…?

What song comes to mind when you think of Battle of the Bands?

Dylan: Oh man that’s a really good question…

Cole: I immediately picture Jack Black

Dylan: I’m thinking about stuff we’ve done. Let’s answer without knowing each others picks

Dylan: I’ve got Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Braeden: Cole, let’s go dude!

Dylan: Two Feaver songs? That’s awesome.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could have one song downloaded to your phone - what song would it be?

Dylan: Oh man… that’s impossible. I can’t even answer that…

Cole: I’d have to pick a really long song.

Tenner: Green Day have those songs that feel like mini albums almost, song after song after song

Cole: True, so you could have some variety. Or what’s a really long classical overture that has multiple moods? What would drive me the least insane… What about a meditation podcast?

Braeden: Yeah, that’s good

Dylan: Impossible to answer, that’s my answer.

Cole: I might go with So Much Better by Evan Olsen - it kinda has an island vibe?

Cole: Braeden oh my god, you can’t even find it on Spotify! That’s really good.

Braeden: You will love that song by the way.

The song you wish you had when you were 16

Cole: When was I 16? 2012? My music taste was getting pretty cool at 16

Braeden: That’s actually a really good profound question. In a weird way, I’ll say Big Ideas by Arctic Monkeys.

Dylan: Why?

Braeden: Because I would love to know how my 16 year old self reacted to a new Arctic Monkeys album.

Dylan: Ohh that’s so interesting. That’s cool context to include.

Braeden: I just know I would have listened to it differently, and I’m curious how I would have.

Cole: I have never seen someone draw a Y that way… that was cool.

Braeden: Like what?

Cole: You drew it like… backwards? You started at the end.

Tenner: He’s freestyling it

Cole: Yeah that was sick, I was like woah dude!

Braeden: Wow that’s weird I start from the other side…

Cole: Yeah I can’t even do it.

Dylan: Cleaners from Venus. It’s from the 80’s but I didn’t know it.

Braeden: That’s a great answer, I love that as well.

Cole: Okay I’m going to go with… it sounds so funny when I write this title. I just love playing that song.

One song you wish you wrote

Dylan: Oh god

Cole: Okay here we go

Braeden: Now I’m just thinking of my Y…

Dylan: This is the first song that came to mind, Yeah I think I’m going to go with this

Braeden: Oh nice, that’s so sick.

Cole: Okay, let’s go with this.

Braeden: Wow there really is a million songs…

Dream Wallows cover?

Cole: I was literally just talking about this! What song was I talking about… I can’t even remember…

Dylan: That’s not easy… I never really think about covering songs so this is hard.

Cole: Justin Beiber?

Braeden: I love that song.

Cole: Oh I remember! This song is AMAZING! Dude, we would kill this cover.

Dylan: Ohhhh that’s sick.

Cole: It came on the radio and I was just like damn this is so good.

Braeden: It’s unbelievable.

Dylan: The New Radicals would be great.

Cole: That’s an amazing song dude, something like that would be so good.

Check out our Wallows song association playlist below:


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