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Sonic Boom - Aries

Aries is simply one of a kind, and someone you want to be paying attention to. What started as experimenting with creating YouTube videos in elementary school has transcended into something so much more - Aries has created an entire world revolving around his music, building an infinite space for creativity. Whatever Aries has coming up next, we are all ears for.

Photography by Oli Spencer

Written by Oli Spencer

The phenom in the making began building his foundations over the last few years with his early YouTube presence, experimenting with video creation, before turning to music. Finding love in bands like Linkin Park and System of a Down, he steadily built a loyal fan base with his distinctive hybrid concoction of pop, hip-hop, punk and rock - releasing two albums since 2017, 'WELCOME HOME' and the most recent 'BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU'. "I’ve always felt like a rockstar, just not in the traditional sense I guess." says Aries, growing up constantly lip-syncing his favourite songs into the mirror, imagining himself on the biggest stages possible. Years later, Aries has found himself doing just that.

Manifesting the life he lives today, Aries is igniting stages globally, nurturing the deep connections with his fans along the way. Translating that connection to a live show is electric, evident amongst the loyal and live-music-deprived crowd at his debut Auckland show - where fans eagerly edged closer to the front of the stage, feeling that connection in real time.

His world building doesn't stop at the addictive melodies and energy-driven production in his music - to really establish his world, he filled notebooks with drawings and sketches, creating embodiments of his music and mind. A striking drawing of a smiling sun becoming the cover of his next-gen staple album 'BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU'. Beyond his own sonics, Aries looks into the music scene around him - curating his own refreshing music festival called WUNDERWORLD. The festival shines the spotlight directly onto diverse budding talent around him, recently announcing the next instalment of the festival, with a stacked lineup of rising stars. Joining Aries is the muscle man phenomena JELEEL!, the explosive rappers on the rise ericdoa and midwxst, plus underscores and the rising wildcard tsubi club. It's a truly refreshing lineup of talent we are dying to see live.

We were fortunate to catch up with Aries while he was in New Zealand, and had a chat about his early musical influences, his art style and manifesting success.

How does it feel to know you have a fan base all the way in NZ, pretty far away from where it all started?

It’s wild. Having fans globally is still something my brain hasn’t entirely processed— doing these shows and packing out rooms in another country like New Zealand. I knew it would happen eventually, but really being here and receiving the love firsthand is an inexplicable feeling.

Going on tour and travelling the world playing your music - do you ever feel like a rockstar?

I’ve always felt like a rockstar, just not in the traditional sense I guess. Lip-syncing my favourite songs in the mirror as a kid, imagining being on the biggest stages possible. I manifested the life I live today.

Who were your icons when you were growing up?

I was very big into bands like Linkin Park and System of a Down growing up. Their influence helped shape me for sure.

What keeps you grounded?

Knowing I’ve got the best people in my corner. They help keep my head on straight.

I love your art style - have you drawn since you were a kid?

Thank you. I started out drawing Dragon Ball Z characters when I was 4 years old and over time developed my own art style. I don’t keep up with it as much as I’d like to, though.

I love how your art was woven through the album. Did it influence the music in any way? Or was it more the other way around?

The art and the music on ‘BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU’ were all happening at the same time, honestly. I don’t think one necessarily influenced the other. I sought to create a new aesthetic world totally different from my first album.

Who are you sick of being compared to?

There’s no one I’m sick of being compared to, though I’ve seen some people say I sound like Post Malone. I don’t think I sound like him. That’s a very surface-level comment.

Do you have any mantras?

Make it happen.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect next from you?

Though I’ve been focused on the tour primarily this year, I have been working on many things. I’d love to get some music out before the end of the year too.

Dive into Aries' latest album 'BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU', below


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