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Tenner's Ten is back for week thirteen! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include a new bop from from Mura Masa featuring Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress & Shygirl, plus new tracks from ROSALÍA, Deb Never & EARTHGANG.

Mura Masa - 'bbycakes'
(with Lil Uzi Vert,
PinkPantheress & Shygirl)

Blending a bit of techno, a bit of glitch-pop, and a bit of drill, Mura Masa has returned with ‘bbycakes’. It carries an ‘avengers assemble’ type of energy, with Mura Masa recruiting trap powerhouse Lil Uzi Vert, the electrifying superstar on the rise PinkPantheress, and dancefloor goddess Shygirl - some of the most exciting artists out right now. Mura Masa’s powerhouse take on 3 Of A Kind’s 2004 techno-garage ‘Babycakes’ is an instant classic, and the sound of music’s future. This song is everything to us right now!


Woooow, we love! The Queen has returned with ‘CHICKEN TERIYAKI’, a song certain to take over TikTok in the coming days. The hard hitting groover is taken from her upcoming album Motomami - which by the way, has one of our favourite album covers ever.

Daniel Price - 'Video Girl'

We fell in love with this song the moment we heard it, and instantly had to go back for a replay. ‘Video Girl’ is the smooth first single from Daniel’s upcoming EP - ‘Peaking’. This is the first song we have heard from Daniel, but certainly won't be the last. We are instant fans, and can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for Daniel!

Deb Never - 'Crutches'

Deb Never… never misses. ‘Crutches’ is Deb Never’s first release of 2022, kicking it off with a bang. Blending alt-pop with grunge and punk influences, the track is electric.


‘HAZARD DUTY PAY’ has finally landed on streaming platforms after sample clearance issues, a fan favourite at Peggy’s live shows, as well as on SoundCloud and YouTube. The rough around the edges track is hard-hitting, and raucous - Peggy at his finest!

Jean Dawson - 'PORN ACTING*'

One of our favourite artists right now, Jean Dawson has begun a new era with the release of the voracious ‘PORN ACTING*’. Jean Dawson really kicks down any wall of any box he’s put in, there is no way of knowing quite what is next to come.

Flo Milli - 'PBC'

Flo Milliiii! Unleashing her latest song ‘PBC’ (Pretty Black Cute), celebrating and promoting the empowerment for Black Women, it marks the first new music from Flo Milli in 2022


Sheeesh! EARTHGANG have returned with their new album 'GHETTO GODS', one that certainly exceeded all of the hype. Our favourite song from the album is this Dreamville slam dunk with JID and J. Cole. As well as this powerhouse track, the album features the likes of Future, Ari Lennox, Baby Tate, Ceelo green and Lynae Vanee and more.

P.S. We couldn't get enough of the mention of New Zealand on the opening track, NZ loves you guys!

keni can fly - 'mr. wednesday'
(ft. WES)

This one is groooovy, we are so happy we stumbled across this new gem from keni can fly. Kicking off 2022 in stellar fashion, we are so excited to see what is yet to come from him this year.


BOY SODA's fresh new take on R&B and pop music is here, 'BIG' takes a dive into his mind as he explores conversations about perspective and patience. the track's vibe and visuals bubbles even more excitement around his forthcoming EP currently in the works.

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next week for another ten!


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