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Introducing Tenner's Ten! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week we are spotlighting new music from some of our favourite artists right now, including Paris Texas, Dora Jar, Hope Tala & Dijon - as well as a breezy new single from our volume two feature Baird.

Paris Texas - 'girls like drugs'

Our favourite artist right now is Paris Texas... hands down. These guys are redefining rap right now, they lured us in with their debut project BOY ANONYMOUS, and have sunk a hook deep with their latest EP, Red Hand Akimbo. This song is a standout from the diverse duo, who continue to bulldoze through any expectations as they cleverly blur the lines between rap and heavy metal.

Dora Jar - 'Scab Song'

Wow, hello Dora Jar! Introducing the shapeshifting songstress and her magical new track ‘Scab Song’. I was sold on the first listen, and have been sold another fifty times today. Singing about a scab on her knee that looks like an island – her hypnotic vocals flood my mind with joy as you are taken on a fluttery journey through Dora’s mind, full of wonders and sunshine. You need to give this one a listen, and then another. ‘Scab Song’ is our favourite song right now!

Dijon - 'Many Times'

This song feels like it was pushed through a time machine, not exactly sure when from! The frazzled piano and kicking drum beat with Dijon’s soulful voice is truly exhilarating, bringing the energy found in a rhapsody. Recorded with a close group including the likes of transcendent artist Mk.gee, Dijon’s debut album ‘Absolutely’ will be released on November 5th. It is one of the albums we are looking forward to the most right now! Dijon also released an insane live recording of the first song from the album, it is a phenomenal performance, showcasing genuine chemistry between so many masterclass musicians. It is definitely one to check out!

Young Thug - 'Bubbly'

(Featuring Travis Scott & Drake)

Thugger is back! After a fiery streak with his punk rock infused tiny desk concert, Young Thug releases his new album ‘PUNK’ further showcasing how the rap wizard effortlessly finds new and genre-blurring approaches to music. This song is certainly a standout on the album, three kingpins colliding over a heavy Wheezy beat. ‘PUNK’ is stacked with features such as the late Mac Miller, plus Travis Scott, J. Cole, Doja Cat, Post Malone and ASAP Rocky to name a few.

Baird - 'Easy On Them Turns'

Baird is back with his breezy new single, ‘Easy On Them Turns’, a cautionary groover inspired by crashing his bike on the way to the studio. With his signature acoustic-electronic blend, this song is the multi-instrumentalist pulling a couple of tricks from his arsenal of surprises. 'Easy On Them Turns' has been playing over and over and over and over again this week!

Hope Tala - 'Tiptoeing'

This song is a perfect example of why the beautiful music of Hope Tala should be on your radar! Set with skillful songwriting and soulful vocals, she is gracefully tiptoeing her way into stardom with each release, further cementing Hope Tala as one of this year's standouts artists.

Jordan Ward - 'Lil Baby Crush'

This song is so addictive – Jordan Ward’s velvety daydream voice bouncing through the entire track will make it impossible to keep your feet from tapping, this. My attention was gripped from the very start, and held me right until the end, only finding myself playing the song from the start once again. It is just so good, and leaves us smiling every time!

Mac Miller - 'Polo Jeans'

(Featuring Earl Sweatshirt)

What a phenomenal project, the reissue of this absolute classic has come at just the right time. While incredibly dark at heart, ‘Faces’ provides a great deal of comfort as one of his most beautiful works. On Polo Jeans, you can see the impeccable chemistry Earl and Mac had as they each rap a few bars over this mellow psychedelic beat. There are plenty of fantastic songs on this project, but Polo Jeans has such a special place in my heart.

Dreamer Boy - 'ARE YOU LETTING GO?'

(Featuring BENEE)

The combo we didn’t know we needed! A dreamy mix of indie and hyper-pop, ‘ARE YOU LETTING GO?’ highlights the sonic range that both of these artists can achieve, blending each of the own distinct styles together so seamlessly.

ALX - 'Right Guy'

'Right Guy’ is a punchy, body-rockin' pop slapper from ALX, Florida’s self-proclaimed ‘horny-pop’ artist, and the younger brother of Dominic Fike. ALX doesn’t care much for the rules, bringing an electric new take on pop music. He really shows this on his latest EP, ‘YES’ a 6-track project oozing the essence of early 2000’s glossy pop, perfectly mixed with the wild energy of pop’s new misfit.

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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