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Tenner's Ten is back for week twenty-five, on a Tuesday this time. We are bringing you ten new songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include new tracks from AUDREY NUNA & Deb Never, EKKSTACY, the emerging FERBY, and Daily J - and obviously, Kate Bush.

Kate Bush - 'Running Up That Hill'

Obviously not a new song, but it is certainly one that has been on repeat this week. Since the release of Stranger Things season 4, Kate's 'Running Up That Hill' has had a streaming increase of 1800%, and a 1600% increase on her entire catalogue.

AUDREY NUNA & Deb Never - 'sardines'

Here's a combo we didn't know we needed, but are so happy we have! AUDREY NUNA and Deb Never have released a joint double single, 'sardines' and 'multigrain'. On the raucous 'sardines', the duo showcase their immaculate chemistry, and their slick, high energy bars.


EKKSTACY has released his first music of 2022, beginning the exciting journey towards his forthcoming album 'MISERY' after the critical acclaim of his last project, 'NEGATIVE'.

FERBY - 'Bad Vibes Stuck In My Teeth'

Sheeeeesh, introducing FERBY, the New Zealand-based rapper making her explosive debut with the bass-heavy, ‘Bad Vibes Stuck In My Teeth’ - a hybrid of punk and rap, we couldn't be more excited to watch FERBY emerge onto the scene.

Daily J - 'Blue'

Daily J return with 'Blue', a breezy jam mixing the band's cruisy beach energy with dreamy psychedelic-rock sounds. Listening to this feels like you're gliding, we can't wait to see this one live.

Boy Willows - 'Trash'

The bedroom-pop creative mind Boy Willows impresses once again with the release of his latest project, 'Choking For A Year'. The new project is about his life-changing neck injury, one that changed his voice, and stripped his confidence. It is a must listen.

Jungle - 'GOOD TIMES'

Jungle never miss! These guys are criminally underrated, showcasing their distinct feel-good energy on their new double single 'GOOD TIMES /PROBLEMZ.'

You can catch Jungle live in Aotearoa on the 26th of July.

Post Malone - 'I Like You'
(ft. Doja Cat)

Post Malone's fourth album ''Twelve Carat Toothache' is finally here, featuring so many gems like 'Cooped Up' featuring Roddy Ricch, 'I Like You' featuring Doja Cat, 'Lemon Tree', 'I Cannot Be Sadder' featuring Gunna, and 'When I'm Alone'

Deaton Chris Anthony - 'Good Buy My Old Life'
(ft. BENEE)

Another combo we are so happy to have, we would listen to an entire project from these two, as the explore the whacky intertwine of Deaton Chris Anthony and BENEE.

Eyedress - 'STILL IN LOVE'

The latest double single from Eyedress sounds like an 80's hazy fever dream, mixing that old nostalgic sound, with his punk-like dreamy vocals.

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next week for another ten!


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