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Every Monday, we are bringing you ten new songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include new tracks from Dot Da Genius, featuring J.I.D, Kid Cudi and Denzel Curry - new music from Aitch, Mura Masa, Channel Tres and glaive - plus an incredible new self-titled album from MUNA!

Dot Da Genius - 'Talk Bout Me'
(ft. Kid Cudi, Denzel Curry & J.I.D)

Sheeesh, one of the best beats of the year so far comes in the form of Dot Da Genius' latest track, 'Talk About Me'. The track features gold star guests, Kid Cudi, JID and Denzel Curry - some of the hottest names in rap right now.

Aitch - 'In Disguise'
(ft. Bakar)

Aitch is back! Linking up with fellow brit Bakar for the latest single 'In Disguise' taken from the slick and explosive rapper's forthcoming debut album.

Mura Masa - 'hollaback bitch'
(ft. Shygirl & Channel Tres)

Mura Masa is an absolute machine, and each time he puts out a track from his forthcoming album, our excitement doubles... no, triples. This track is one of our favourites so far, featuring Shygirl again, and the smooth, sexy and groovin' vocals of Channel Tres.

Want more of Channel Tres? You can check out our latest interview with him here!

glaive - 'minnesota is a place that exists'

One of our favourite artists right now, glaive has release his latest single - beginning the next chapter of his artistry with the raucous 'minnesota is a place that exists'. This track gives me the same feeling that listening to Green Day's 'American idiot' for the first time on my MP3 player did. Phenomenal!

MUNA - 'No Idea'

MUNA's self-titled album is finally here, and it is truly wonderful. It was hard to pick a favourite, but we went with 'No Idea' an absolute standout song from the record, written with the oh-so iconic Mitski.

merci, mercy - 'Black Cloud'

Introducing merci, mercy - the Sydney based alt-pop artist who has found the best of both worlds on her latest single 'Black Cloud' , turning dark lyrics about exploring her mental health into an infectiously catchy pop anthem. 'Black Cloud' is taken from her forthcoming EP out later this year.

Dera Meelan - 'Everyday Stuggle'
(with deadforest)

Unstopable duo Dera Meelan and deadforest link up once again for their latest thumper ' Everyday Struggles', where deadforest brings bars upon bars upon bars over some slick work from Dera Meelan. This track demands to be played at full volume, and will for sure to take over this coming summer's soundtrack.


Continuing his hot streak of energetic and rowdy hybrid hip-hop, WHO SHOT SCOTT releases 'LONERS ANTHEM'. Written right after experiencing an intense episode of social anxiety after the end of Auckland's 2021 lockdown, the track is heavy hitting and absolutely electric. WHO SHOT SCOTT will no doubt be a household name very soon.

Automatic - 'Lucy'

Automatic have released their latest album 'Excess', exploring intricate and psychedelic rock across 10 electrifying songs. We have so many favourites, like the opener 'New Beginning', and the feel-good 'Venus Hour', but the oh-so chromatic song 'Lucy' hits that sweet spot in my brain. We highly recommend diving into this record!

Gorillaz - 'Cracker Island'
(ft. Thundercat)

A duo we did not know we needed, but are sooo happy we have. Enough said, go listen!

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next week for another ten!


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