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Introducing Tenner's Ten! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week we are spotlighting new music from some of our favourite artists right now, including BENEE, Thorington, Goldwash and Ama Lou - as well as some banging new bops from issue one features JessB and Leaping Tiger.

Aminé - 'Charmander'

Aminé packs a punch with the up-tempo ‘Charmander’, blurring the lines between rap and electro-pop. This song is infectious, Aminé charms us with his energetic flow, gliding over the hyper dream beat. This new direction feels refreshing and adventurous, and we are so excited to see what's next.


Sheesh! JessB is coming in hot on her badass new single ‘FROM THA JUMP’. She flashes her confidence as she seamlessly switches between dropping hard bars to singing dreamy melodies. The song is about staying true to her roots, as she turns into the artists she manifested from the start, an artist that constantly radiates a boss level energy.

Remi Wolf - 'Front Tooth'

Woah Remi! A perfect combo, Remi Wolf and Kenny Beats clash their diverse skillsets on ‘Front Tooth’ with Remi’s radiant and strong vocals accompanied by Kenny’s stomping production. The electricity Remi brings to her music continuously proves why Remi is one of the greatest artists on the rise right now, Kenny beats kills it yet again, showing the special kind of chemistry he floods into any song he produces.

BENEE - 'Doesn't Matter'

BENEE makes her return, opening up like never before on the tender and poetic ‘Doesn’t Matter’. Written at a low point where BENEE was diagnosed with OCD, her raw and unfiltered lyrics guide us through her mind as she ponders what it would be like to live carefree.

Leaping Tiger - 'Burn Rubber'

(Featuring Adamn Killa)

Woah! This song is incredible, an exhilarating and ambitious futuristic electronic rap crossover from the dynamic Auckland producer Leaping Tiger, featuring the slickest bars from Adamn Killa. This song blew me away, and much like the rest of Leaping Tiger’s latest album ‘Soulsleep’ is completely unpredictable.

Thorington - 'Changing On Me'

Thorington’s new music has the exciting new feeling of discovering a great new album, while also having the nostalgic joy of rediscovering an old album that you used to love. Thorington brings the magic with enchanting keys, and his hazy yet smooth vocals on ‘Changing On Me’. It follows the electrifying ‘Beautiful Covers’, continuing his hot-streak as he seamlessly shows us the versatility of his sound. Keep an eye out for more from Thorington, you will not be disappointed!

Ama Lou - 'Trust Nobody'

Ama Lou returns after almost two years with the beautiful and soulful ‘Trust Nobody’. After discovering the talented Ama Lou on her last EP ‘Ama, who?’ I have been patiently waiting for new music, and the wait was well worth it! I cannot wait to see what else this songstress has cooking for us.

Goldwash - 'Lonely Summer'

Lonely Summer is a stand-out track from the beautiful new album ‘Arson Dreams’ from the LA-based multi-instrumentalist Goldwash. The album provides an intricate look inside the creative mind of Goldwash, perfectly suspending my disbelief as pensive soundscapes draw me deeper into the glistening worlds he has created through the album. Alongside this album, Goldwash recently contributed to the production of Kevin Abstract’s latest ingle, ‘Sierra Nights’ as well as songs from BROCKHAMPTON’s recent album.

GENER8ION - 'Neo Surf'

(Featuring 070 Shake)

This song feels like magic! GENER8ION is the multimedia-spanning creative collaboration between music producer Surkin and filmmaker Romain Gavras. ‘Neo Surf’ is the pairs first release in five years, featuring the incredible vocal powerhouse 070 Shake.

Sassy 009 - 'Wannabe'

‘Wannabe’ is a celestial blend of pop and electronic, with Sassy 009’s tender vocals bouncing over a hazy techno beat. This other-worldly pop track is from the Oslo-based musician’s latest mixtape, ‘Heart Ego’ - Sassy 009’s most ambitious project yet. The eight-track project is an emotive and hypnotic trip from start to finish!

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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