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Tenner's Ten is back for the fourth week! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week we are spotlighting new music from some of our favourite artists right now, including Dijon, Aminé, Len Blake and Kenzie From Welly - as well as a banging new bop from issue one features Kaelin Ellis.

Aminé - 'Mad Funny Freestyle'

Back to back! Aminé has blessed our ears with his latest mixtape project ‘TWOPOINTFIVE’ after first teasing with his fizzy single ‘Charmander’. The project highlights Aminé’s exploration of new terrain giving us what might just be his most experimental piece of work, and one of our newfound favourites. Mad Funny Freestlye goes hard, the beat is a speaker puncher for sure. Pretty sure there is a Baby Keem reference in this one too! Honestly, I tried so hard to just include one song from ‘TWOPOINTFIVE’ for the playlist, so some other slappers that have been on repeat are ‘OKWME’, ‘Colors’ and ‘Dididumduhduh’

Dijon - 'The Dress'

Woah... this song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. And every time I play it, it is never just once. The Dress comes from Dijon’s debut album ‘Absolutely’ which absolutely lived up to the excitement we had for its release. The Dress is timeless! It is our favourite song at the moment, and I will be for many, many years to come.

Saba - 'Fearmonger'

Yes! New music from the Pivot Gang maestro. Not only do we get a funk fueled new track, but ‘Fearmonger’ also comes with the announcement of Saba’s forthcoming album ‘Few Good Things’. The track is nothing like we have heard from the rapper, fearlessly pushing himself in a new sonic direction. There is definitely something in the water in Chicago.


JPEGMAFIA never misses, this album is a highlight in his discography, and shines a light on the experimental approaches to music he proudly takes. This song is a headbanger for sure, it is hard not to just rock your body in your seat when listening to this. A slick blend of boom-bap-like production with peggy’s signature brash vocals over the top.

Kenzie From Welly - 'Word to Your Mother'

Wow, introducing Kenzie From Welly! ‘Word to Your Mother’ is a heavy hitting rap song that radiates power. On the track, Kenzie parades her powerful vocals and her complex pen game, gripping our attention from the get go. Keep your eyes peeled!

Kaelin Ellis - 'WAKE UP'

“Never stop working on your craft, don’t ever think there is a ceiling to how good you can possibly be at what you’re doing.” Kaelin told us in our interview for issue one, and ‘WAKE UP’ is a refreshing reminder that the Florida-based producer is still soaring! ‘WAKE UP’ was originally teased on his Instagram as one of his classic ‘make a beat out of literally anything’ videos, and I am over the moon that this was added to Spotify.

Len Blake - 'Rich'

‘Rich’ is a standout song from Len Blake’s smooooooth new EP ‘Honey Blood’. The song is about celebrating the strong Wahine in her life, and is a showcase of Len Blake’s wide sonic range, perfectly blending her smooth jazzy vocals and sophisticated production to create a soulful tune that is oh so catchy.

Finn Askew - 'Cherry Bomb'

One of our favourite new discoveries is Finn Askew! ‘Cherry Bomb’ is from his latest EP ‘Tokyo’, a thrilling six-track piece that marks the beginning of the artists journey to finding his sound. This song is just so much fun, it sounds like a Gen Z smoothie – a dash of indie here, a sprinkle of pop there... some rocking drums with even a slight hint of a rap-like flow. Finn dances on the fine line between genres, delivering a perfect project oozing in everything great about the Gen Z soundscape, while still avoiding being pinned down by a genre.

James Ivy - 'Last Star'

This song has me wanting to find my old MP3 player from when I was younger, the nostalgia this song brings to me fills me with happiness, reminding me of my first dive into alternative rock. James Ivy’s latest EP captures this nostalgic alternative punk energy, and never once dips across the five-track project.

Adam Snow - 'Maybe Lean'

Hello Adam Snow! Another favourite recent discovery of ours, the emerging singer song-writer returns in 2021 with his new single ‘Maybe Lean’. The summer-psychedelic bop has us dreaming of the return of music festivals, and will no doubt be on repeat this summer. ‘Maybe Lean’ is a look into Snow’s upcoming EP expected in 2022. We are so excited to hear what is coming next!

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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