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Tenner's Ten is back for week six! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include tracks from KAYTRANADA, Wallice, EKKSTACY and dvr - as well as an show-stopping feature from issue two feature, Cautious Clay.

KAYTRANADA - 'Be careful'
(Featuring Thundercat)

KAYTRANADA is back in full swing on his latest EP ‘Intimidated’, a release we have been anticipating for some time, and it did not disappoint. Every song on this project is amazing, but there is a special place in our heart for Thundercat’s cheeky and comical lyrics floating over Kay’s signature funk-fueled production. Sign us up for a KAYTRANADA & Thundercat joint project any day!

Wallice - 'Wisdom Tooth'

Written the day before she got her wisdom teeth out, ‘Wisdom Tooth’ reminds us of the experience of getting rid of a person in your life, a relationship or friendship that is better to leave than to stay in. ‘Wisdom Tooth’ is the first new music from Wallice since her debut EP ‘Off The Rails’, and might just be our favourite Wallice song yet!

EKKSTACY - 'then i met her'

Our favourite artist right now, EKKSTACY has released his highly anticipated album ‘Negative’, a refreshing new take on hazy indie music. This song was our highlight on the album, sounding like the dreamy soundtrack from an old coming of age romance film. We highly recommend giving ‘Negative’ a listen, we can’t stop playing it.

We were just on the phone with EKKSTACY today... keep your eyes peeled...

dvr - 'stupid'

Another smash single from dvr’s forthcoming EP, ‘dirty tapes’ - much like ‘lowlife’ with Kenny Beats, stupid is just too easy to play on repeat. The gritty guitar riffs, DIY production and his wry lyricism makes dvr a perfect mix of the old and the new.

100 gecs - 'mememe'

Woah, this song is nuts... as per usual. The experimental duo are back with ‘mememe’ the first look into their next album, ‘10000 gecs’. Their first album, ‘1000 gecs’ is one of my favoruite albums, and the anticipation for the next record is intense.

I think the sickest part of all of this is that the stars and the GIANT musical note on the single’s cover are tattoos...

Kavinsky - 'Renegade'
(With Cautious Clay)

With his first new music since 2013, the acclaimed French producer Kavinsky is back with ‘Renegade’, a thundering groove featuring show-stopping vocals from issue two feature Cautious Clay.

Isaiah Rashad - 'Donuts'
(Featuring UMI)

After sharing on Instagram “After a sold-out tour and meet n’ greets full of y’all saying “drop this” & “drop that...” how about a few loosies for the ppl that support me the most” Isaiah Rashad has released the Deluxe Edition of his latest album, ‘The House Is Burning’ titled ‘homies begged’. This brings us four new tracks to the album, including “Donuts” featuring angelic vocals from issue one cover star UMI – plus a remix of “RIP Young” with Project Pat and Juicy J, “Deep Blue” with Young Nudy, and “Geordan Favors” with Deante Hitchcock

Saba - 'Stop That'

Following his last single ‘Fearmonger’ Saba returns once again to tease his forthcoming album ‘Few Good Things’ with the thumping ‘Stop That’. The murky track explores Saba’s production skills as he slickly raps about correcting his self-judgement. It is super cool to see more and more Saba production credits popping up, the most recent was on Mick Jenkins’ latest album on the track ‘Speed Racer’

Tora-i - 'PBFF'

Tora-i is back with an enchantingly smooth neo-soul track, expressing the impact of a difficult relationship, highlighting the importance of learning from these experiences. Tora-i is one of the artists I want to hear on vinyl, her soulful vocals would be absolutely remarkable.

LORA - 'her'

Introducing LORA, the 21-year-old singer from Sydney. LORA’s latest single ‘her’ further expresses the sonic range in her skillset, as her chirpy vocals bounce effortlessly over the sophisticated Joe Mason produced beat – this song sounds like it has a lot of moving parts in the absolute best way. You had us convinced at the pink suit, and your vocals took our amazement to a whole new level – we can’t wait to hear what is yet to come!

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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