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Tenner's Ten is back for week six! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include tracks from Mura Masa, Claire Rosinkranz, salem ilese and aldn.

Mura Masa - '2gether'

After a mostly silent year, only releasing remixes - Mura Masa has finally returned with his first new music of the year, ‘2gether’. The single boasts the intricate and genre-bending production Mura Masa has become praised for, and features epic vocals from Gretel Hänlyn. Although it’s only been out for a few days, this song has been on repeat throughout the weekend, and already sits as one of our favourite releases of the year. ‘2gether’ is the first single from Mura Masa’s next album, which we are extremely eager for.

Claire Rosinkranz - 'dont miss me'

Continuing her breakthrough year, 17-year-old Claire Rosinkranz is back with her latest chirpy single ‘don’t miss me’, reinforcing her status as a pop powerhouse. Singing soulfully over the upbeat sounds of a piano, the track feels like it has been pulled from a cheerful Broadway show. Claire is one to keep your eye on!

salem ilese - 'Hey Siri'

Meet salem ilese, the 22-year-old pop sensation who’s life was changed overnight when her single ‘Mad at Dinsey’ went viral on TikTok. Her latest single, ‘Hey Siri’ is a stripped back bedroom pop anthem that sits perfectly in the digital heavy age of today. Her delicate vocals highlight her incredible and thoughtful pen game, as she asks Siri the hard to answer questions like “what is the meaning of life?” And “are you as lost as I?”. It is clear Salem’s time in the spotlight is far from over.

Emmy Meli - 'I AM WOMAN'

Woah, hello Emmy Meli! Pouring her heart into her newest single, ‘I AM WOMAN’ is a powerful anthem reminding you to love yourself for exactly who you are. Her powerhouse vocals and inspiring lyrics left us speechless. We love every single second of this song, and cannot wait to hear what comes next!

aldn - 'm box'

Meet the emerging hyper-pop artist aldn. The body rocking ‘m box’ is taken from his latest EP ‘predictable’, an explorative project diving into aldn’s unique soundscape that blends the very best of hyper-pop and indie. We are so excited to dive into whatever aldn has to offer next.

ioakim - 'swimming pools'

Right in time for summer, Sydney-based producer and songwriter ioakim has shared his latest euphoric single ‘swimming pools’. The sun-kissed single perfectly captures the nostalgia of summers spent chasing love and sitting by the poolside. After being cooped up in a lockdown for the last few months, there is no doubt that this song will be part of our summer soundtrack!

BBY KODIE - 'Champagne Fights'

Make way for BBY KODIE, the Houston-based rapper on paving his way to the top, and he isn't doing it silently… he’s paving the way with a bulldozer. His sound is a breath of fresh air, all while paying homage to the innovative artists before him. ‘Champagne Fights’ is a standout track from BBY KODIE’S latest album, ‘Emotions Running High’, which is definitely worth a listen.

Zack Fox - 'menace'

While its probably not one to play at thanksgiving dinner, we love everything from his album ‘shut the fuck up talking to me’; Zack’s comically witty bars, insane production, another collaboration with Kenny Beats, and of course, the album cover……….

Jordan Ali - 'Deez Days'

We met Jordan Ali on Discord, and became an instant fan. His slick bars had us fully captivated, excited to dissect every word he spits over nostalgic jazzy boom-bap beats. After checking out ‘Deez Days’, we highly recommend listening to his other 2021 releases ‘RISK’ and ‘New Era’, we’ve been bumping them all day!

FABLE - 'Let Me In'

We’ll admit, we’ve been sleeping on FABLE… but that ended the second we heard his recent EP, ‘I’ll See You In Hawaiki’. The 9-track project highlights the artist’s exploratory sound, woven through intricate production from top to bottom. It reminds us that FABLE is in fact one of New Zealand’s most refreshing and unique artists right now.

Shoutout to Paul who has brought up FABLE’s name over a dozen times, we are officially fans!

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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