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Tenner's Ten is back for week eight! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week's on repeats include tracks from Tierra Whack, deadforest, spill tab and Araya - as well as an outstanding remix from Issue Two cover star, Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson - 'Take Care of You'
(Featuring King Princess, Amaarae & Meshell Ndegeocello

Just when we thought this album couldn’t get any better, Charlotte Day Wilson has released the deluxe version of ALPHA, her 2021 debut album. The deluxe version features two unreleased tracks, ‘Even is the Lie’ and the buttered-up remix of ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ featuring King Princess, Amaarae and Meshell Ndegocello.

Tierra Whack - 'Stand Up'

Something we have been waiting for ever since her phenomenal debut album in 2018, wildcard rapper Tierra Whack has returned with her latest three track EP ‘Rap?’. It was a struggle to pick which song from the EP to include in this week's playlist, but we went with ‘Stand Up’ - a punchy track full of Whack’s signature witty rhymes, proving she is rap royalty. Another highlight from this EP is ‘Meagan Good’

deadforest - 'Plastic'

The highly anticipated debut album PLASTIC has finally arrived, and is deadforest’s finest work yet. Further pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, deadforest effortlessly clashes the worlds of rap and electronic music, with ‘PLASTIC’ produced in its entirety by production extraordinaire Dera Meelan. ‘PLASTIC’ allows deadforest and Dera to show off their impeccable chemistry, and is a perfect combination of masterful techno & EDM infused hip-hop beats and deadforest’s honest and insightful raps, inspired by his pride for South Auckland. It features a top notch list of guest features, including Kerge, Church of Church & AP, and Adam Tukiri. deadforest is one of New Zealand’s most refreshing artists right now, truly providing a leader for the next generation of young artists to follow.

DUAL - 'Magic'

‘Magic’ is the electrifying new single from New Zealand based electronic-indie duo DUAL. Shifting gears from the duo’s more electronic leading songs, ‘Magic’ showcases the true versatility of DUAL, as they seamlessly juggle live instrumentals over complex composure and production. We had been sleeping on DUAL for far too long, but no more! This song has opened our eyes and ears.


Back again for their annual 312 day, NZ hip-hop heavyweights SWIDT are in full swing with their new three track EP ‘312 DAY’. Featuring tracks ‘KELZ GARAGE’, ‘COMBO’ and ‘SURVIVAL’ - arriving just in time for summer, the three track EP is a blast from start to finish, and while each song is an electrifying statement from the group, SURVIVAL was our favourite. Keep your eyes peeled for more from SWIDT soon!

Arca - 'Señorita'

Sheeesh! Arca’s boundary-defying artistry has been spread across the KICK series, following their outstandingly ambitious 2020 album ‘KiCk i’, Arca has recently released ‘KICK ii’, ‘KicK iii’, ‘kick iiii’ and lastly, ‘kiCK iiiii’ consecutively. Full of hard-hitting club-inspired beats, twisted and distorted the Arca way, Señorita is an electrifying trip from start to finish. We couldn't not include it in this week’s mix.

Araya - 'Blue'

Introducing our favourite new discovery, Araya. The Brooklyn-based, Thai-Chilean artist has just released a pair of singles, ‘Blue’ and ‘02’ to announce his forthcoming album, ‘Ethos’. On ‘Blue,’ Araya’s velvety vocals sing about the fear of waiting for something that never arrives, before switching it up for a more laid back, rap-tinged verse. This song just hits differently - we can’t wait for the release of ‘Ethos’ in February.

Bakar - 'Build Me a Way'

Bakar has released ‘Build Me a Way’, the second single from his upcoming album ‘Nobody’s Home’ Continuing his streak after releasing ‘The Mission’, Bakar’s latest highlights the versatility of his artistry, dodging expectations towards his album. ‘Build Me a Way’ is pure artistry, beginning with a gentle guitar riff for Bakar to sing over, eventually evolving into a complex beat for Bakar to unleash some silky smooth rap bars.

spill tab - 'Velcro'
(Featuring Gus Dapperton)

Tying a bow around her recently released singles, spill tab has released her EP ‘Bonnie’

‘Velcro’ was the last single released before the EP, and might just be our favourite new spill tab song! Some other favourites from the EP are ‘PISTOLWHIP’, ‘en quatre’ and ‘Grade A’ with issue two feature, JAWNY.

Mild Orange - 'What's Your Fire?'

New Zealand’s dreamiest indie band Mild Orange have announced their new album, Looking For Space’ - one that we will be excitedly waiting for! Pairing with the announcement, the group have released ‘What’s Your Fire’, a previous fan favourite at Mild Orange live shows.

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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