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Joyce Wrice is the fourth cover star of the 'Voices of the Next Generation' issue.


Proving to be a musical powerhouse on her 2021 album ‘Overgrown’ Joyce Wrice offers a unique glimpse into her world. The music feels like a taste of what she grew up on, finding fresh ways to blend nostalgic R&B with her own flavourful songwriting. Cementing her place among the greats, Joyce Wrice has recently revealed she will be following the footsteps of Solange and Destiny’s Child to sing the reimagined theme song for Disney’s iconic ‘Proud Family’, a show that Joyce loved as a kid. No pun intended, but she reckons the younger version of herself would be proud.


Also featured in this issue - Wallows, Saba, Church & AP, Claud, 347aidan, Dora Jar, deadforest, Rhys Rich, Orion Sun & more 


Available for Pre-Order now!


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