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Saba is the third cover star of the 'Voices of the Next Generation' issue.


Saba’s career started in his Grandma’s basement on the Westside of Chicago, where he built his own recording studio with a group of friends, embracing community driven youth organisations and other like-minded people around him. Since then Saba has grown his village, finding himself at the heart of a secure community and remains unsigned to any label. “It felt like my music and it felt original, it is 100% me.” he reinforces, reflecting on his forthcoming album ‘Few Good Things’. Despite the critical acclaim, Saba isn’t feeling the pressure of following up his masterpiece ‘Care For Me’ - the moment the music began to make its way to paper, the pressure eased, with the rapper’s authenticity taking charge, creating a powerful and fulfilling addition to his catalogue.


Also featured in this issue - Wallows, Joyce Wrice, Church & AP, Claud, 347aidan, Dora Jar, deadforest, Rhys Rich, Orion Sun & more 


Available for Pre-Order now!


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