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Wallows are the fifth and final cover star of the 'Voices of the Next Generation' issue.


Today, Wallows announce their electrifying sophomore album, ‘Tell Me That It’s Over’, and they are ready to surprise. The album is a transformative journey from start to finish, and ultimately feels like a reconnection. Recorded vastly different from their previous project, the organic nature of its creation and the band’s constantly maturing sound makes it feel like you’re right there in the studio with them. ‘Tell Me That It’s Over’is a shining reinforcement that Wallows are here to stay, and are only just getting started. 


Also featured in this issue - Claud, Saba, Church & AP, Joyce Wrice, 347aidan, Dora Jar, deadforest, Rhys Rich, Orion Sun & more 


Available for Pre-Order now!


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