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Get To Know: FERBY

Introducing the rising rap sensation FERBY - hailing from Lyttelton, she exploded onto the scene with her debut single ‘BAD VIBES STUCK IN MY TEETH’, and has only been on the rise ever since. Never slowing down, she returns once again today with her fluorescent new single ‘PUSSYLOVEMONEY’.

Photography by Oli Spencer

Written by Oli Spencer

FERBY’s rise has been one to watch, the grand follow up to the razor-sharp debut ‘BAD VIBES’ was the flashy ‘Every Night’ - and as if the fire wasn’t burning enough, FERBY threw gasoline onto the flame in the form of the booming ‘Boo Hoo’, where infectious bars like “I flirted with Jesus, he sees us stripping on zoom” bounce across waves of bass. With a slick nonchalant flow and hard bars, her tracks caught wind and saw FERBY claim the well-deserved opening spot for JPEGMAFIA’s sold out Auckland show back in July. Her latest ‘PUSSYLOVEMONEY’ sees the rapper in her own words, being a better fuck boy than actual fuck boys.

There is so much to say about FERBY, but we think we should let the music do the talking. Get to know the rising Kiwi rap sensation below!


Do you ever freestyle?

I attempt to freestyle in private. I would say I am at “Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance” level of freestyling, you should google that if you don’t know.

Go-to karaoke song?

The last song I sang for karaoke was "Thinking of Nina" by Marlon Williams.

How did the name FERBY come about?

I actually am not sure. Something to do with my real name starting with a “ph” sound and it just sounding and looking cute. I used to call myself YUNG BAD but I felt as though I should choose something less trendy. YUNG BAD is more or less just a Minecraft username at the moment.

What's inspiring you outside of music right now?

Everything, unfortunately. Every time I eat at a restaurant I want to open one. My boyfriend and I are constantly creating and not finishing different video games, and after all this artificial intelligence stuff coming out I want to make my own. I recently watched a youtuber boxing match and now I’m gaslighting myself into thinking I want to box!

We can't get enough of 'BAD VIBES STUCK IN MY TEETH' - how did that song come about?

Bad vibes was one of the very first songs I made that I didn’t mind. It was at a time where I was going through a real girl power phase in my music. I'm glad that it was recently released because it made me revisit that phase and appreciate it lots.

If the song was a texture, what would it be?

It's definitely concrete.

Do you have any party tricks?

I leave without saying goodbye to anyone very quickly. I think that’s called a “Shit house fade”.

Last song you listened to?

When in summer, I forget about the winter - Yaeji

Which artists do you have on repeat at the moment?

Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar, Foushee, Ski Mask the Slump God.

Favorite bar from BAD VIBES STUCK IN MY TEETH?

Wanna be a bitch who’s proud of something

Confidence and fuck boy loving

Minty breath and a big bargain

Be a hoe who’s worth a fucking

If you could revive one fashion trend, what would it be?

Girls wearing ties.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from you next?

I’ve got so many songs I’ve been sitting on for a while that are going to be released over the next few months.

Have a listen to FERBY's latest single 'PUSSYLOVEMONEY' below


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