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Incoming! - Mallrat

Incoming! Australian genre-blending pop thriller Mallrat is crossing the ditch for the first time ever to play two dazzling shows in Auckland and Wellington! With a vibrant concoction of indie pop music, the show promises an evening of pure musical enchantment, transporting you into the ethereal world of Butterfly Blue.

Interview by Oli Spencer

Meet the incredible Brisbane-based, genre-blending musician Mallrat capturing the complexities of love, adolescence and the state of the world through immersive and glittery pop soundscapes. Her rise to fame began with her breakout track ‘Groceries’, gaining widespread recognition and propelling her onto the international stage - before releasing a string of critically acclaimed EPs ‘In The Sky’ in 2018, and 2019’s ‘Driving Music’ showcasing her versatility and exciting evolution as an artist.

Her music is a breath of fresh air for sure, with a unique vocal style and an effortless ability to bridge the gap between genres - Mallrat’s live show will be a must-see for both fans and newcomers alike. Set to bring a magnetic stage presence, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to see the rising sensation in action.

Ahead of ‘a tour with da best pop star in da world’, we caught up with Mallrat and found out her favourite song to perform live, casting spells, and the dazzling lineup of emerging talent supporting her tour. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the rising sensation in action!

Mallrat is playing in Auckland on June 2nd, and Wellington on June 3rd!

I love what I read about you tricking people with your name, making them check you out thinking Mallrat is a band.

Yeah! Everyone thinks they’re too cool for pop, especially a pop girl! So you have to catch them off guard sometimes.

Do you remember the moment you landed on the name?

Yeah, I think it was because I heard this song called ‘Mallrat’, and I was like oh Mallrat, that works! I love my name Grace, but at the time when I was starting music there were so many Graces… especially in Australia! I was like, I can’t be another Grace… we have enough already.

We are so excited to have you here in Aotearoa soon - how are you feeling?

I’m genuinely so keen for New Zealand, especially because I was looking forward to Laneway… I was absolutely gutted when it was cancelled, because it would have been my first time ever being in New Zealand. Many of my favourite people and best friends are kiwis too! It was disappointing, but it means there is another reason to look forward to these shows. A part of me wants to move to Auckland… because I feel like every single person I’ve met from there is so lovely, like I don’t want to go! I want to hang out all day. Everyone is so nice and cool.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I just like to take my time doing my makeup, having a cup of tea and not talking to anyone for a while… I love an English breakfast with soy milk and honey!

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

Yes! From my new album I love singing ‘Teeth’. There’s this bit in the bridge when the song changes into this ethereal, auto-tuned, hypnotic thing… It just really works live in ways that I’ve never experienced before until I played that song. You can feel that energy shift, and it is magic. We started performing that song last year when I was opening for Conan Grey in Europe. Some of the shows were small arenas, playing to these people who had never heard my music before… and you could feel that shift at that moment in the song. When I was singing it I liked to imagine myself casting a magic spell or something to make them like my music!

Are there any deep cuts that you love performing?

Well there are a couple that are on the set list, there’s a song from my EP ‘In The Sky’ called 'Make Time' - it was never my biggest song or anything, but it’s one of my favourites. It feels nice to play, so that’s on the set list for sure.

I also really love the selection of supporting acts, can you share a little about each of them?

I love all of them a lot! In Australia there’s Cat & Calmell, and biblemami. Cat & Calmell I’ve been following for a few years, I just think they’re so great.

biblemami is a close friend of mine, we also share managers so there’s a personal connection there. She and I were in LA together for a few weeks writing, and it was so cool staying in the same AirBnB. Every night when everyone would come home, if someone had made something they were excited about we all got to hear it. I got to hear some cool new demos from her, it feels like she is able to articulate these ideas that have been in her head for a while, it’s nice to see!

And Tom Verberne in New Zealand is an artist I’m so excited about as well, I started listening to him last year. In America I was hanging out with BENEE and her band and they put me onto him. I instantly thought it was so cool! His visuals as well are amazing. I was really happy when he said yes to doing the shows!

Dive into the world of Mallrat below:


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