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RISING - Rhys Rich

Introducing Rhys Rich, a confident and fresh new talent that had us hooked the moment we heard his music. Rhys Rich grew up in Australia before moving to New Zealand, where the capital city of Wellington became his stomping ground, marking his place in the local music scene with his infectiously slick blend of classic hip-hop and RnB.

What’s your favourite part of making music?

For a long time producing was my favourite part, having unlimited range to make sounds from nothing is still so amazing to me, but, over time I discovered the same freedom with my voice.

Are there any major influences on the music you’re creating right now?

There is this Australian artist Hector Morlet who has inspired me a lot vocally as of late, and production wise the most recent Isaiah Rashad project is stupidly up my alley.

What show has been your favorite so far?

Without a doubt late last year when I performed at Shed 10 for ‘Working Late’. I had never felt so much energy for my own music before.

Do you have any mantras?

”I have so much time”

Got any tattoos?

I do have one designed by Samuel Gatara which is the logo for ‘Stay Savage’, my first and only music collective. Working alongside KVKA, Denz1, Benny Balance (f.k.a Heist), and David Argue was a massive part in my understanding of the industry and a lot of what I know today.

Who are some of your favourite Kiwi artists right now?

In my eyes, especially after the drop of Mokomokai, Dirty is the greatest rapper Aotearoa has to offer! Also George Woolston from the band Casper is the first artist I believe in more than myself.

Musically or otherwise, what are you most looking forward to this year?

Being born in New Zealand but growing up in Australia, every holiday we had was back home, so I haven’t seen the rest of the world. Simply I’m looking forward to travelling somewhere overseas for the first time!

What can we expect next?

Rhys Rich features in the latest issue of Tenner Magazine, the

'Voices of the Next Generation' issue.

Photography by Jamie Leith

Words by Oli Spencer


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