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Song Association with: EARTHGANG

Renowned for their unmistakable sound, Atlanta-based musical duo EARTHGANG (composed of Olu and WowGr8) have really carved out a lane entirely of their own. Characterised by dynamic vocal delivery and out of the box production, their kaleidoscope concoction of hip-hop, soul, funk, and jazz is woven together with inventive lyricism, and driven by unwavering authenticity. 

EARTHGANG have been favourites of ours for a minute. We were first introduced to the duo in 2017 when they put out their fourth EP ‘Robots’, and were instantly won over by their eclectic charisma and authentic nature. They re-ignited the love with their iconic COLORS studio performance of ‘Up’, before releasing their acclaimed debut album ‘Mirrorland’, before appearing all throughout Dreamville’s collective album Revenge of the Dreamers III. Never slowing down, the duo followed the acclaim up with their second album ‘Ghetto Gods’, a body of work that beacons their innovation, and at times acts as a love-letter to the rich and explorative sounds of their hometown Atlanta. The duo called up big names like Future, CeeLo Green, label-mates J. Cole and JID - and even included a nod to their 2020 show in Aotearoa, where they pushed through mandatory lockdown to be the only international artist in the world able to perform at the time.

Holding a pretty epic catalogue under their belt, EARTHGANG are still rolling out releases, as we mentioned already, all driven by a firm sense of authenticity. The 2023 EP ‘RIP Human Art’ showed ethereal R&B-influenced production colliding with up-beat and brazen raps, and their latest project ‘ROBOPHOBIA’ is another shining example of the duo’s skill in traversing genres. Across four tracks, the pair invite you into a more futuristic realm as they explore themes of technology, identity, and human connection - featuring appearances from Tommy Newport and Snoop Dogg.

We caught up with the sonic architects for a game of song association. From the soulful sounds of Whitney Houston to the booming bass of Future - we find out what the duo’s entrance songs would be, the songs that reminds them of home the most, and which EARTHGANG songs they’d play to an Alien.

Olu: I used to just love the live version of this, I could just hear the people going Insane! Just losing it. I feel like you only hear that type of reaction when we were growing up, was in church or something like that. You can hear the energy and the power. Plus the song’s hard as hell.

WowGr8: I did a lot of talent shows as a kid, and this was the first song I actually chose myself to perform, I was probably about nine years old. And it was the first time I ever got a standing ovation! 

Olu: This shit be vibin! There is this UFC fighter from England and this is his intro song, shoutout to you my bro! I went to my first UFC fight in London last summer, shit was crazy bro. This girl got her arm broken, she was a city favourite and everybody was sad as hell… Shoutout to you too.  

WowGr8: Dang there are a lot of good choices for that… shit! A song that just starts off fire. I was thinking pusha man by Curt… and I was thinking Boogeyman cause it’s great in every movie. That song is hilarious to walk into, especially if now everyone knows you’re here. That’s tough bro, it’s a mood changer as well… I might not feel that mood everywhere I go, I need a song that sounds like me no matter what the mood is. Might just pick one out of my favourites, and this is what my life will be… 

WowGr8: Poppin’ Shit, you know it’s on. Every time I come in man, that piano? 

I feel like you’d be waiting there with the door open a little waiting for the beat to drop 

WowGr8: Yo I’m definitely waiting, that piano solo gotta have a moment for itself! Poppin’ shit! 

WowGr8: If I could go back and see anybody, I’d gotta see someone like Whitney or Aretha… 

Olu: I was thinking of Whitney too, but I’d also want to see Queen at Live Aid. Actually I just want to go to Live Aid. I’m just gonna add Whitney in church too.

WowGr8: I’d love to see someone mess up a little bit and do a couple of takes, you know? Seeing them go through the process. So I’m going to say seeing Whitney recording her whole first album.  

Olu: My answer is ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, it’s an amazing song and you’re going to get paid.  

WowGr8: Obviously 'I Just Wanna Rock' by Uzi what the fuck! That song is a fucking lay up, I feel like a lot of artists had that song on the tip of their tongues… and Uzi did it right, it’s such a good song. Uzi really is an amazing performer, the world doesn't deserve him. He’s from another era as far as performing goes. He would have gone crazy in the 90s, at something like Woodstock.

Olu: Hmmm, I’ll pick 'La La Challenge' just because that song is hella intense.

WowGr8: Oh ‘UFO’s’! It’s a classic, it’s an older song. They’d probably think it's funny that we thought that about them. That song is like five or six minutes, but I feel like to them depending on what planet they're from, isn’t long at all. 

Olu: Mine is ‘The Kiss Of Life’, the chords are so happy bro. Stranded? More like paradise you know? And I will cherish the day that they rescue me.

WowGr8: I’m gonna say ‘Pupil | The Patience’ by The Internet, it’s got enough movement so I can keep listening to it. Oooh, I wouldn’t mind listening to Frank Ocean for the rest of forever…

WowGr8: That’s crazy, because I was pretty satisfied with my music taste at that age.

Olu: I was vibin! Fuck it, it’s gotta be My Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“Can we get much hiiigher!” 

WowGr8: At that age… that probably would have made me drop out of high school haha!

Olu: Nicki on that too!   

WowGr8: ‘Sh!t’ by Future! I wish I had a song like that then, I almost played that today when I jumped off the Sky Tower.

WowGr8: Oh, ‘Aint Gon’ Let Up’ 

Olu: Hell yeah, same song. The realest second verse ever!

Olu: The first time I heard it was at a house party when I was like thirteen or fourteen, they played that shit and everyone knew the words. I was like why the fuck do I not know the words? After that, it was over.

WowGr8: Realest song. I remember when this song came out I was still riding the bus everywhere, and you’d get on the bus and kids were already singing it! 

Check out our EARTHGANG song association playlist below:


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