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Introducing Tenner's Ten! Every Monday we are bringing you ten songs we have had on repeat for the week. This week we are spotlighting new music from rising artists boylife, Orion Sun, dvr, Leaping Tiger, Spill Tab & KANADA THE LOOP - as well as some from Tenner cover stars Wiki & JAWNY.

boylife - 'superpretty'

“Not being afraid to look like an idiot is a superpower” boylife told us in our interview for issue one. This song, and his debut album ‘gelato’ is a perfect representation of that fearless statement. ‘superpretty’ is an ambitious and powerful song that is drenched in incredible penmanship and fearless experimentation. If you thought this song is exciting, we highly recommend giving this phenomenal album a listen.

Orion Sun - 'Concrete'

Orion Sun returns with this tender and personal new single ‘Concrete’, further cementing her as one to watch... no pun intended. ‘Concrete’ is a special twist of soul and R&B, and she continues to show the versatility of her own sound. It excites me for what will bloom after her last critically acclaimed album.

dvr - 'lowlife'

(with Kenny Beats)

This song has been on repeat for weeks. A grungy new age punk song from seventeen-year-old writer and producer whizkid dvr, with Kenny Beats. The two met on Kenny’s discord, and upon listening to his music, Kenny instantly offered to produce a track for him. Up to this point, he had been producing music in his bedroom in a small seaside town in Scotland, right in the middle of a pandemic, while wrapping up his last year of high school. The track is self-deprecating and catchy as hell – truly molding the sounds of old school punk with a fresh new set of tools. I’m so excited to hear what he’s got for us next.

After hearing this I’m already sold on the idea of a dvr & Kenny Beats joint project.

Tame Impala - 'Breathe Deeper'

(Lil Yachty Remix)

An already phenomenal song is somehow made even more infectious with the addition of floaty vocals from Lil Yachty. The familiar twinkly piano riff at the beginning of the song leaves me full of excitement, to then be swooped up and taken on an entirely new and dreamy journey with Lil Boat. This remix comes alongside the announcement of ‘The Slow Rush’ Deluxe Box Set, featuring more remixes and B-Sides.

James Blake - 'Coming Back'

(Featuring SZA)

From James Blake’s exceptional new album, ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ this track showcases the dynamic chemistry between James and SZA. Both of their delicate vocals gliding over a smooth piano-based beat. The entire album is full of artistry, with phenomenal guest appearances from slowthai, J.I.D. SwaVay, and Monica Martin.

Leaping Tiger - 'Gooey'

Leaping Tiger is back! Bringing us some more intricate and oh so gooey soundscapes to gear us up for the release of his second full-length album ‘Soulsleep’. This song caught our attention quickly with the celestial synthesizers, and hooked us in with Leaping Tiger’s own raspy vocals, followed by an unexpected and exciting slickly delivered rap-style verse. Keep an eye out for Leaping Tiger’s upcoming album, out on October 29th.

Spill Tab - 'Grade A'

(Featuring JAWNY)

Two personalities we are so happy have finally collided. These two colliding brings out an entirely new kind of energy, and makes the song feel like a firework. Spill Tab’s soft and glowing vocals skip over a funky bassline, with the crescendo of JAWNY’s quick-witted and punchy feature finish off the song with a bang.


Wow, what a debut single – this song has everything! ZOOM IN is a fantastic track from an extremely exciting new artist KANADA THE LOOP. Birthed for the love of music and internet culture, this Australian artist is paving an entirely new path for his journey ahead. What to expect next? We really have no idea. What we do know is that our eyes are glued.

Mick Jenkins - 'Contacts'

Mick Jenkins returns with this hard-hitting leading single from his upcoming album ‘Elephant in the Room’. The track perfectly captures the lyrical prowess he has become known for over the years, effortlessly blasting his powerful vocals over an ear-rattling beat. Mick Jenkin’s next album ‘Elephant in the Room’ is due for release on the 29th of October, and much like his past projects, is sure to concrete his legacy as a rap mastermind.

Wiki - 'All I Need'

(Featuring Earl Sweatshirt)

Two hard-hitting MC’s combine forces on Wiki’s track, ‘All I Need’. This song is stacked with talent, with Wiki’s sharp and witty lyricism sitting well alongside Earl Sweatshirt’s effortless flow, all blending in with Navy Blue’s masterful production. Wiki has been on fire since we interviewed him for our first issue – and his new album Half God is his best yet. Honestly and deeply reflecting on coming of age in the big apple.

Check out our Tenner's Ten playlist on Spotify, and check back next Monday for another 10!


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